Do you know Psalm 23?

The title for this blog comes from one of the most beloved passages of scripture as you probably know, Psalm 23. This psalm is widely read and a great deal of comfort is found here. The line I used “…he restores my soul…” is what I believe to be the theme of the Bible. It is what God does, he restores and repairs the world that has been broken by Satan’s devices. Relationships of every kind, personal lives broken by multitudes of things–God wants them back together, whole, healthy and thriving. I know it seems like that doesn’t happen very often but that is what I believe God works towards. He is the only one who can.

I’m glad. I need it. I need his restoration and peace in my life–all the time. He wants the same for you too, even though it may not seem like it due to all that seems to be arrayed against you. And, I believe he’s working on it while we speak, whether you recognize it or not. That is what he does. He wants you whole, spiritually healthy, maturing in your trust in him. He wants to prepare you for your future.

Oh, Psalm 23. Have you ever thought about the fact that if the Lord is your shepherd you are a sheep? I’ll let you look up the characteristics of sheep, but I promise you won’t like what you find. Sheep are dependent on their shepherd for their ‘wholeness and restoration.’ Jesus is our good shepherd. He knows what we need.

Think about your dependence on the Lord in your life. How much do you really depend on him for wholeness and restoring your soul? Let me know what you come up with.


“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me…”  Jn. 10:14